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    This is a 2 day- 2 phase intensive training

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Imagine this...

  • The people you have served constantly come back to give you gifts worth more than you can ever charge
  • The satisfaction of watching the people you serve grow, change, and blossom because you help them overcome their limiting beliefs
  • Getting thank you calls now and again from the people you have helped
  • Expanding your circle because all your clients eventually become family and friends
  • Having the confidence to work with people because your results are predictable and guarantee success
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Are you frustrated right now because…?

You counsel people and they don’t change or get results

The majority of your clients record limited progress

You sometimes experience self-doubt in your ability as a counselor

You don’t know how to deal with clients who have expectations that are not in line with reality.

You don’t know how to deal with clients who might find it difficult to embrace change due to fear, habits, or other psychological barriers.

You struggle to get your clients to express their emotions or adequately open up about their problems

You (and most counselors) don’t get predictable results because……

  • You mostly use your personal experience to counsel people
  • You don’t have a systemic tool you consult to help you diagnose cases
  • People don't come to you as a result of feeling they were plunged into deeper holes and blacker darkness after their encounter with you.
  • You don't get referrals due to having succeeded in building a poor reputation/brand out there as a consequence of poor skills.

If this is you, I get it!

When I started a few years ago, I was passionate about helping, educating, liberating, and alleviating people’s pain. My passion was my driving force and unfortunately my only weapon. It didn’t take time for me to realize that the love and passion I had for people alone was not enough to help them turn a new leaf. I was frustrated that I was not achieving much results with people. Even when I recorded success, I couldn’t replicate it because it was accidental. I then decided to go for several trainings and also studied really hard and wide. Soon I discovered there was a process involved in helping people to develop the skill to change and to maintain change. Right now, I have a thriving practice with predictable guaranteed results and a credible brand image out there. This course will teach you the tools and processes I have uncovered to help you achieve guaranteed results at a professional level.


You may KNOW how to help people realize what to do, but are you SKILLED in helping people BECOME who can create the change they desire?

Professional Counselors Certificate Course is for you if...

  • You have a passion for helping people
  • You want to turn your passion for helping people into a profession
  • You have been practicing but you do not have confidence and you are not sure if you’re doing it the right way.
  • You want to understand yourself, and others, and have a professional understanding of the human mind, behaviors, and emotions.
  • You already have degrees and certifications in the field of counseling and you would like to start your private practice but you do not know how to go about it.
  • You want to gain certification to boost your practice in the field of counseling
  • You are a religious/school counselor but you do not understand the practical application of counseling theories, skills, and professional ethics.


You can consider registering:

  • If you notice that friends and family naturally confide in you
  • People naturally gravitate towards you because they trust your opinion
  • You know you try your best but you keep wondering if your best is good enough
  • You are a religious leader but you know it takes more than spiritual knowledge to counsel people
  • You prefer to handle people professionally instead of instinctively
  • You have a thirst to learn about counseling
  • You are already within the field of counseling and wish to update your skills
You can register for the training...
  • Even if you don’t have any prior training in counseling or a background in counseling
  • Even if you only have a desire to work with people and you don’t have any actual experience yet
  • Even if nobody but you recognize your giftedness
  • Even if you only have experience in a religious setting (church, mosque)

What You Will Learn?

The course is a 2-day, 2-phase intensive course

Day 1
Phase 1

Fundamentals of Professional Counseling

  • Module 1: Counseling Theories
  • Module 2: Counseling Skills
  • Module 3: Code of Ethics
  • Module 4: Diagnosing human needs
  • Assessment

Day Two
Phase 2

Psychology and Practice of Counseling

  • Module 5: Positive Psychology
  • Module 6: Cognitive & Behavioral Modification Techniques
  • Module 7: Case Management – Develop, Facilitate and Review
  • Module 8: Diversification and Specialization
  • Assessment

Other Benefits

  • Access to a community of counselors
  • Discounted rates at our professional seminars
  • Career advancement
  • Acquire hands-on experience


During the training, you will be given an assignment which you will be required to submit not later than one week after the training. The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether you fully grasp the content of the course or not. The lowest score you are expected to score in both phases is 60%.


The result of this assignment determines whether or not you qualify to be given the certificate. If you do not score the required grade, you will be required to re-submit your assignment. Note that all re-submissions and grading are expected to be completed within 3 weeks after the training. If you score the required grade, a little certificate collection ceremony will be organized for you in our office, if you can pick it up physically or be posted to you if you cannot make it in person.

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Testimonials from our previous programs.

My expectation was to learn to become a better counselor which was what I truly got through this training.

By Deborah

The training exceeded my expectation. I have been equipped for the journey ahead. Thank you for giving this much

By Oge

The training exposed me to so much knowledge and insights. You exceeded my expectations.

By Daniel

I had an amazing experience. Kudos to everyone who put this up

By Ann

The training was interactive and very informative. You exceeded my expectations.

By Folashade

My expectations were met. It was not just a regular training for me as a counselor, personally, it was a call for growth

By Abigail

Enjoyed every bit of the training. Kudos to everyone on your team

By Victor

The training taught me valuable principle on how to be a better counselor


Don’t guess and shadowbox your way through your counseling experience, instead learn the skills and tools required for your success


This is not your average course. This course will...

  • Positions you to earn from your passion
  • Teach you practical skills to handle your clients
  • Help you to actualize your passion
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Course Investment

Full Course (Phase 1 + Phase 2) ₦225,000 ($280) The course is a 2-day, 2-phase intensive program. It covers Phase 1 on day one and Phase 2 on day 2. The course provides you with a well-rounded educational experience, equipping you with the necessary tools and expertise to excel in your field.

Other considerations

You can decide to split the two phases. You can enroll for the Phase 1 now and then complete the Phase 2 at a later date.

Phase 1: ₦125,000 ($157)

Phase 1 can be taken as a standalone option. It offers valuable knowledge and skills for your professional development. Although you will be required to submit an assessment, you will not get a certification until the course is completed.

Phase 2: ₦125,000 ($157)

You can enrol for Phase 2 only after completing Phase 1. you can register for both phases together for a comprehensive learning experience

Online Participant

Online participants will receive an 18% discount on the original price of ₦225,000, bringing the cost down to ₦205,000 for the full course (Phase 1 + Phase 2).

Friday November 10th 9am – 4pm
Saturday November 11th 9am – 4pm
A tea-break and a decent lunch will be provided.